Kelsey + Tyler : 'Til Death Do Us Part

This session was a dream come true, I'd been planning this photoshoot for months and had the idea about a year ago when I did a skull candy look for the previous Halloween. A couple contacted me about their 2018 wedding which was to take place on Halloween and talked to me about doing the same look in their photos. I was beyond thrilled and decided that I would practice this year with the amazing Kelsey and Tyler Evans. When I messaged Kelsey about the details she was completely stoked! Every time I threw something new at her she was always on board. Her husband however was worried about having on make up, in the end he did it for Kelsey, we're all so glad that he did!

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MUA: Taylor Laine Simpson
Models: Kelsey + Tyler Evans
Nails: Daniella Gaibor
Dress: ASOS + Etsy
Photos: DeannaPaige Photography & Design